Thursday, 05 July 2007

A day night match

As the sun sets, the lights are switched on at the site of the World Cup stadium in Cape Town, so that construction may continue.
These breathtaking images of the cranes at the site provide us with an idea of the magnificent views the new stadium and people of Cape Town will enjoy.
Photographer: Andrew Dewas, Cape Town, July 2007


Kerry-Anne said...

Thanks for visiting Cape Town Daily Photo, and for the really interesting comments you've left. Love your blog - for once, a POSITIVE take on 2010! I'd like to put a link to your blog on ours, if that's okay. (Of course, you'd be welcome to put up a link back to ours as well, if you like.)

You mentioned that that monstrous building (Transnet, I think it might be) is going to be pulled down to make way for more of the Convention Centre? If you know how and when that's going to happen, maybe we should all meet up to take photos of the demolition and drink champagne - that's got to be the ugliest building in Cape Town. In fact, I was just saying to Paul a week or two back, "I wish someone would knock that thing down!"

People of South Africa said...

Thanks for the great comment.
The picks and shovels blog really just tells the true story from the ground. It definitely is a POSITIVE 2010 blog, but it doesn't need to be. Its just the the reality of the construction of the stadia and its there for everyone to see. So often journalists have no clue whats going on in South Africa and write articles using dribs and drabs from really poor sources.

According the plans by the CTICC the building would need to be demolished since the CTICC would basically repeat the existing building on the opposite side of the highway.

The CTICC expansion would need to be complete by December 2009, since CT might be hosting the FIFA broadcast and media centre. I quite like the ugly building. If it was upgraded into a hotel or office space, the views would be out of this world.