Sunday, 01 July 2007

A foggy day in Cape Town

A cold and rainy and in some places snowy Cape Town could not keep the picks and shovels team from taking some photos at the site of the new World Cup stadium in Green Point. Like our friends in Durban 12 cranes will rise of which 8 are currently in place. The stadium podium and columns will soon rise from earth and tender proposals to operate post 2010 the stadium seem to have risen from 19 to 29! Photographer: picks and shovels team, Cape Town, 1 July 2007


liam said...

Hey there

thanks for the views of the "groot gat van kaapstad". Other folks got chased away with their cameras?...did you guys use stealth mode?...and did you get harrased by the 2010 gestapo?

People of South Africa said...

Hi there Liam

We did not get chased away at all. Had to stand on top of a bakkie to to take some of the photos but the others were all taken from different parts around the stadium. Private tours of the site will take place in October which the picks and shovels team will enjoy before the public tours begin.

Watch out! This stadium is about to rise!

happy building
picks and shovels team