Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Durban: An airport fit for a King

The new King Shaka International Airport being constructed at La Mercy in Durban has been in planning since the 70's. Capacity constraints and the restrictive location of the current Durban International Airport have brought about the need for a new international airport and trade port that will be able to serve Durban and the province for generations to come.

The state of the art airport has a capacity of over 7 million and the project vision is now being realized as construction progresses at a rapid pace. All milestones set have been met including those for the tower, cargo and terminal building. The manufacture of all 16 passenger boarding bridges has been completed.The terminal floor plan has also been approved which involved in-depth discussions and proper co¬ordination with stakeholders and possible tenants of office space within the terminal.

The airport is set to be fully operational by early May 2010 and is another major infrastructure project prioritized and being realized due to the 2010 FIFA World CupTM.

Image credits: www.dubetradeport.co.za, ACSA

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