Sunday, 01 March 2009

The giraffe keeps rising against all odss

Despite its unfair share of strikes and mishaps including a crane falling over, completion before the mid Oct 09 FIFA inspection milestone is on track due to the early initial completion target of April 2009. Mbombela has had 5 months added to the contractual finish date to compensate for the strikes and weather.

Overlay for WC will start in April 2010 at this venue and all other World Cup venues. It will host 4 WC games on the 16, 20, 23 & 25 June, with the 23 June being the only night game. Mbombela is already proving to be a particularly popular stadium for the overseas visitors who are planning to include a game visit on their itinerary.

An on-site report of the progress:

- The main concrete bowl structure is 100%.
- Precast seating beams are 70% complete
- The roof structure is at 50%.
- 10 of 18 giraffe necks are up and 8 giraffe heads in place.
- The seat and roof sheeting installation will begin in March.

Of the new stadiums Mbombela is still on budget to meet its R760mill contract value.
The long overdue N4 by-pass around Nelspruit is progressing well. A further 3 road projects are on track for completion before WC. The water supply and electrical infrastructure upgrade for the broader area is underway.

This giraffe ( a reference to the 18 concrete roof supports) keeps rising and after a visit from the vice president this week, the Mbombela stadium remains in a comfortable position moving towards the FIFA deadline.

Image credits: tadpolefarm

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